Discover and Handle the Actual Source of Addiction & Break Free From It's Grip

“Before any transformation can occur the individual must discover the right why for the source of the problem…”

Allan Hendrickson

Allan Hendrickson

Mr. Hendrickson is a man who since childhood has not only had questions about the human condition but, being unsatisfied with only asking questions, ir-repressively sought answers to them. His search for a deeper understanding of the human mind, spirit, and soul, and of our collective human consciousness, has led him to many corners of the world, including India and Tibet, where he hiked the foothills of the Himalayas with exiled Tibetan monks. He has sought after and communicated with the greatest Spiritual leaders of our time.

He understood, however, that answers would come not only from the world’s great spiritual leaders but…

What can Allan Hendrickson do for you?

What can Allan Hendrickson do for you?

Having Coached In Excess Of 1,000 People, Mr. Hendrickson’s Experience Has Given Him An Ability To See Patterns Of Thinking And Hidden Issues That Help Individuals Discover The Source Of Addiction.

That Experience Combined With His Vast Knowledge And Training Allows Him To Quickly See Sticking Points And Blind Spots And Then Apply The Correct Technology To Free The Person Up.

The subtle things you must know about the Law of Attraction.


*Unwilling to make your life a public spectacle


*Unwilling to make declarations of being powerless


*You don’t feel current options will work for you


Then I want to talk to you about how you can understand the underlying cause and then techniques and practices that work 100% of the time when you apply them

Here's What Others Have To Say

The Fruit & Impact Of Coach Allan's Coaching Speaks For Itself

Jeremy S

“You have shown me how to transform hopelessness into certainty and confidence. Where once there was fear, solitary, and anger; there is now peace and clarity. You showed me how to love myself and everyone all together.”

Steve M

I was headed in a direction that had no real direction, rather just forcing and reacting my way thru Life. After this training, I really feel like I’m on course and I’m improving and I’m aware of me being the Cause. It is such a great feeling. There is evidence showing up that makes me hopeful and excited about my future.

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