Jeremy S

“You have shown me how to transform hopelessness into certainty and confidence. Where once there was fear, solitary, and anger; there is now peace and clarity. You showed me how to love myself and everyone all together.”

Steve M

“I was headed in a direction that had no real direction, rather just forcing and reacting my way thru Life. After this training, I really feel like I’m on course and I’m improving and I’m aware of me being the Cause. It is such a great feeling. There is evidence showing up that makes me hopeful and excited about my future.”

Osman B

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. The teachings have allowed me to see that it has been me all along stopping myself but thinking it was someone else.”

Keila G

“I am soooo very grateful for the time we spent together. I was really scared at first but as I began looking at the fear instead of running from it I started to feel better and realized that fear was running everything in my life. I feel so much lighter and happier now. Keep on doing what you’re doing”