Before any transformation can occur the individual must discover the right why for the source of the problem…

Mr. Hendrickson is a man who since childhood has not only had questions about the human condition but, being unsatisfied with only asking questions, ir-repressively sought answers to them. His search for a deeper understanding of the human mind, spirit, and soul, and of our collective human consciousness, has led him to many corners of the world, including India and Tibet, where he hiked the foothills of the Himalayas with exiled Tibetan monks. He has sought after and communicated with the greatest Spiritual leaders of our time.

He understood, however, that answers would come not only from the world’s great spiritual leaders but profoundly and richly from the layman. Accordingly, he has taught as a volunteer at a maximum security prison and he has sat with and trained hospice volunteers to sit with people as they are making their transition from their physical form. Believing that the answers to the human predicament lie in dwelling among humanity-among the eyes of the dying, in being inches from the heart-wrenching anger and body language of the inmate-rather than retreating from it into a mountainous seclusion, he has dived into the mouth of the volcano to pull from its depths an understanding as to how man could rise above anything he had created.

He earned his law degree and practiced law as a litigation attorney and also spent several more years in the business world making multi-million dollar real estate deals. All of this experience has led him to a razor-sharp insight into the human journey, into humanity’s predicament and its incredible potential. This book and a devotion to helping people understand life and themselves to making life fun-are the velvety, succulent wine into which that experience has fermented.

Mr. Hendrickson will be on speaking tours teaching and discussing the material from this book, and more. If you find you have any chance of catching him at one of his seminars, just make it happen. The ability to articulate wisdom in language manifests in people in varying degrees of skill. In Mr. Hendrickson, it has appeared in the fullest measure. You will be more than happy that you made the arrangements to see him. You truly will.