Why Meditation – Copy

We start from the fundamental knowledge and understanding of this Law of the Universe:


and then RIGHT NOW simply begin looking at where your attention is directed and what it is focused on and under who’s control it’s being directed?  You will immediately see your attention is pretty much going where it wants, when it wants, and it’s under no one’s direction for the most part. 

 As the Armenian Philosopher Gurdjieff stated:

“The uncontrolled human mind is distracted from distractions by distractions.”

  Also, just notice that when your attention focuses on certain people, subjects, circumstances or things, there are corresponding thoughts and emotions that are connected that sort of just follow each other and develop a momentum or direction.  Nothing wrong here, it’s just where we find ourselves.


You have the ability to redirect and focus your attention where you choose, and this is what we are actually practicing to master with Meditation. Your meditation practice is going to help you to strengthen and fortify this ability to focus your attention so you can focus on what you want at your command instead of being dragged around with no say on what or where your attention is focused. You will have a choice on where you focus your attention that will allow you the possibility of intentionally creating things you desire.  This is the most powerful ability for human being to possess.

Meditation is the most subtle yet impactful practice to develop your ability to focus and redirect your attention. First hand experience and awareness of your ability to redirect your attention off of thoughts or things that don’t feel good to you and onto things you desire that feel good is in my opinion the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

As you begin your meditation practice the results will be almost immediate. This new understanding and awareness that what you have been focusing your attention on has created your reality and now you can redirect your attention and withdraw attention from anything at your will is profound. For many, this will be the biggest transitions of life, it is the Source of Personal Power.

Meditation offers us a means and opportunity to be present in our lives and to begin to see our thoughts and emotions and allows us to notice that this combination of our thoughts and emotions is really what’s been creating our experiences this whole time.

Being human we tend to get caught up in our thinking and projecting about the past and future. We spend much of our time judging, evaluating and criticizing our lives, ourselves and others. When you are in your thinking mind you are always one step away from the experience of your life. This is what Christ meant when he said:

“The key is to be in the World not of it”

Meditation practice helps us develop the skill of turning away from our thinking mind and moving towards greater connection and a fuller experience of our lives – it helps us to be present in our life, to experience this moment, the only place Life can be found.

Meditation teaches us through practice how to release the clinging of the mind to thoughts. Life right now is all we have and to try to make life different than what it is seems a bit insane.

 Meditating may seem a bit bumpy at first but the positive symptoms and experience of relief will quickly begin presenting themselves to you.  You will feel a greater sense of ease, less knee-jerk reactions, an ability to allow people and things to be just as they are and just as they are not.

No thinking, just Being and trusting the process.

As you continue your meditation practice you will notice yourself returning to your native state of experiencing better health and feeling good. Aches and pains in the body will begin to disappear as you progress in the calming and focusing of your mind.

Y will soon see that experiencing has nothing to do with thinking. It’s simply experiencing the direct, non-storied aspects of our life in each NOW MOMENT. Through your meditation practice you will learn to tell the difference between being stuck in your head and being present in the moment which is experiencing the NOW!.

Let’s get started! 

First, there is no right way to meditate, but it is important that you understand the concept.  You can sit on the floor or sit on a chair, you can even look into the different Zazen, (Zen Meditation in the Lotus position) seated postures. What is important is that you are comfortable and find a position that works for you.

Next, simply find something to focus your attention on, it can be a flame, the sound of a River, the Ocean, the sound of a fan etc.. and simply focus your attention onto that. Choose something that is very boring that your discriminating mind isn’t going to want to judge. I use the sound of ocean waves so I get to go to the beach everyday when I meditate. Start the timer for 15-20 minutes and then focus on the sound you have chosen. As thoughts begin to come into your mind, and they will, and maybe a whole bunch of them really fast you will see that each of the thoughts will have some degree of intensity in the form of emotional charge depending on the significance you place on them. Regardless of the amount of energy or the intensity of the thought, when you become aware that you are no longer focused on the sound of the waves, the flame, the river, the rain, the Ocean, etc…. simply notice that and return your attention to the point of focus. It’s that simple, 15-20 minutes a day and first thing in the morning is the recommendation.

Choose a focus and every time you find yourself drifting off  or focusing on body sensations, simply go back to the thing you’re focusing on. Don’t expect it to be anyway or compare it with anyone.

As I was beginning my meditation practice a couple of the tricks my mind played on me;   I would hear; “this is too much, I cannot stop thinking, this can’t be helping,” which are just more thoughts.

The other trap I fell into was really funny to watch. As I was beginning to meditate,  I noticed I would go out of my way to let people know that I meditated and i was a meditator as if I were some member of an elite group. So as you begin, keep it light and be kind to yourself and as you progress keep it light and be kind to yourself, this will be the greatest gift you can give yourself.

You can reach me anytime if you get stuck or would like some support getting your practice set up or moving forward.


 Allan Hendrickson-Teacher/Author


(405) 406-1058